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Dear colleague,

Two years ago, the Belgian Society on Infectiology and Cliical Microbiology (SBIMC-BVIKM) welcomed you to its completely renewed website and announced the pu-blication of IGGI, its "Infectiologiegids - Guide d'Infectiologie". Today we are particularly pleased to announce that already more than one third of the acute Belgian hospitals and a few hundred individual doctors and pharmacists have taken an individual subscription to IGGI.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of IGGI, the SBIMC-BVIKM felt that the time had come to organise a symposium (22 November 2018) with the aim of having the guide critically examined by both users and non-users. In this way, the society wanted to learn concrete lessons for the future and how to make IGGI even more complete, user-friendly and up-to-date.

With the results of the symposium in mind, it was decided to set up a number of working groups that will review certain chapters of IGGI. They will complete their work within the year so that the result can be presented to you in the autumn of 2019. These working groups, in collaboration with other Belgian scientific associations, will focus on the treatment and prevention of infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract, the urinary tract and the osteo-articular system, surgical prophylaxis, the posology of anti-infective medicines in children and in patients with renal insufficiency, .... If you feel called upon to participate in their activities, you are more than welcome to contact Jan Vancauwenberghe , the IGGI project manager.

Furthermore, the SBIMC-BVIKM wants to use this website to keep you informed of all activities it plans and to give you, as far as possible, access to the presentations given during its symposia. You can also find a lot of useful information about the activities of the National Antimicrobial Committee, the Working Party for the Scientific Study of Travel Medicine, congresses and symposia organised in Belgium and abroad, links to the websites of other scientific societies, etc ....

Finally, we would like to thank most sincerely all those who have participated in the creation of this website in general and of IGGI in particular and we look forward to welcoming you here as many times as possible.

On behalf of the board of the BVIKM - SBIMC,

Prof. Dr. Dirk VOGELAERS, president, and Prof. Dr. Denis PIERARD, vice-president.