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Save the date: November 14th 2019 (afternoon).

BVIKM-SBIMC Autumn Symposium.

 The impact of MDRO: the need for speciialists.



Dear colleague,

We welcome you wholeheartedly on the totally renewed website of the Belgian Society for Infectiology and Clinical Microbiology (BVIKM - SBIMC).

This renewal imposed itself since quite some time but recently gained momentum in the wake of the publication of  the "Infectiologiegids - Guide d'Infectiologie" or IGGI.

Indeed, some time ago the BVIKM - SBICM  has taken the decision to issue, completely on its own, a guide (in Dutch and in French) on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. To this end a permanent working party was created and an appeal made on a large group of consultants, each of them with a large expertise in a specific domain. The initiative has been partially supported by BAPCOC.

It is not without great pride that the BVIKM - SBIMC now puts the results of the work of the working party and the consultants at your disposal in this first release of IGGI. The guide is intended to be gradually expanded in the near future and to be adapted constantly to the continous evolutions in the world of infectiology and clinical microbiology.

It goes without saying that, on this website, you will find more than only information about IGGI. Through this platform BVIKM - SBIMC also wants to keep you informed about all the organiations it plans and to give you free access, as far as possible, to the presentations that were given during its numerous symposia. We will also keep you updated on the courses we organise, the activities of the National Antimicrobial Committee, the Working Party for the Scientific Study of Travel Medicine, congresses and symposia organised in Belgium and abroad, provide you with links to the websites of other scientific societies, etc....

Your membership renewal, your participation in our courses or symposia, ... in the near future it will be possible to settle all of these through this website. We also would like to invite you to communicate to us all important news in the field of infectiology and clinical microbiology  (elise.brisart@sbimc-bvikm.be ) in order to allow us to share it with your colleagues.

Finally, we would like to thank most sincerely all those who have participated in the creation of this website in general and of IGGI in particular and we look forward to welcoming you here as many times as possible.

On behalf of the board of the BVIKM - SBIMC,

Prof. Dr. Dirk VOGELAERS, president, and Prof. Dr. Denis PIERARD, vice-president.